Visit Rajasthan, the land of a thousand temples

Visit Rajasthan, the land of a thousand temples

Would you like to visit Asia? In India, Rajasthan is the perfect destination for thos in love with monuments. Through their huge construction, each of them has its own story. Then, let's just see where Rajasthan is and why it is the best destination for discovery.

A large state

Rajasthan is the biggest of the States composing India. With its size, 342,239 square kilometers, it covers almost 11% of India's area. Actually, it's divided in two parts: in the northwestern by Thar Desert and in Southwestern by the Chambal Valley. Jaipur is the capital city and the largest one. Population extends until 68,548,437 and with 200/km² of density.

Rajasthan is the most populated in India. However, it's the most amazing state. Etymologically, Rajasthan means the land of kings and it's named after its reputation of religious dominance. Hindu, Muslims and Christians coexist but it's more dominated by Hindu. There are many Temples in Rajasthan, very diverse, all of them. 

Temples in Rajasthan

Also called the land of a thousand temples, Rajasthan is composed mostly of Hindi temples. It varies in different ways of construction. Each Temple describes Rajasthan's story. Sculptures, building and ornaments cover them and make them beautiful and let the visitors astonished. Here are some Temples in Rajasthan, selected to best unavoidable to visit:

  •  Galtaji Temple near Jaipur. It's located about 12 kilometers from Jaipur. Also called “monkey Temple” because many tribes of monkeys, partially restored are living in the temple. It's an ancient Hindu pilgrimage made by series of temples have been built narrowly and surrounding Jaipur. The temple has a natural ecosystem with their seven tanks where water is accumulated.
  •  The Dilwara Temples. From 2 and half kilometers to Mount Abu, Dilwara or Gujarati is the only hill station in Rajasthan. Built by Jain laymen, these temples are so well-known because for the marble used for its construction. The sacred pilgrimage place of Jain, the five temples are well-thought-out the most attractive temples in Rajasthan. The five temples are Vimal Vasahi, Luna Vasahi, Pithalhar, Parshvanath and Mahavir Swami
  •  Birla Temple in Jaipur. This Temple is a contemporary construction, more influenced by Scottish castle design. However, it represents one of the most beautiful Temples in Rajasthan. Well visited in October to March because of the optimal heat in winter.

More than a place to visit

Rajasthan has impressed visitors and tourists for its urban design. In fact, for Indian cultures, cows are sacred and it's common to see them across the street or walking around the market. Besides cars and pedestrians, we have to pay more attention to avoid running them over. There is more interesting information to help you prepare before going to Rajasthan.

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